The Little Stranger

I am feeling less bad about forgetting my children’s infancies. Lo was born less than 3 years ago, and it appears I have forgotten hers as well. This may speak to forgetfulness , but I am contributing it to the arrival of the Little Stranger, whose infancy is now superseding all prior undertakings. Cora is … Continue reading The Little Stranger


Goodbye, 2018

Happy New Year! As there is only so much self improvement one can handle, I am not big on resolutions. And one’s resolutions, like one’s fascinating dreams, are of little interest to others. Unless you are featured are in them. What I do like, however, is to reflect on the past year. It is easy … Continue reading Goodbye, 2018

And then there were two

Readers may note that the tag line for this blog has changed. “Things I Think about– mostly Logan” was never particularly accurate, because over the past two plus years, my thoughts have wandered afar: Batting Average Where Sadness and Beauty can Coexist Advice for Raisins Collectibles Kathy But the purpose of these occasional ruminations remains … Continue reading And then there were two


This is the story of Joan, also know as Hannie. Joan was my husband’s mother. I never met her and there are few people alive who remember her. She is one of Lo’s great grandmothers and, for that reason among many, deserves to be remembered. Unlike Lo’s great-great grandmother Dorothy who I remember vividly, I … Continue reading Joan