Yes, my literary inspiration is 3 years old. And a fast 3 years it has been. This past year was a year of mastery of nascent skills and development of new skills and yet, Lo has remained essentially herself. Everything she does is with enthusiasm; she is energetic, sociable, funny and loving. In honor of … Continue reading Three


Cora teaches me a lesson

So, you haven’t heard much about her, but Cora is nearly four months old. We started watching her (and her scene-stealing sister) about a month ago when their mommy returned to work. My kids were conveniently spaced 6 years apart, so I did not understand the effort involved in balancing the needs of an independent, … Continue reading Cora teaches me a lesson

And then there were two

Readers may note that the tag line for this blog has changed. “Things I Think about– mostly Logan” was never particularly accurate, because over the past two plus years, my thoughts have wandered afar: Batting Average Where Sadness and Beauty can Coexist Advice for Raisins Collectibles Kathy But the purpose of these occasional ruminations remains … Continue reading And then there were two