A Birthday in a Weird Time

I wasn’t sure I was up to writing my annual birthday essay (see this and this). Like all of you, we are now leading a different life than we could have imagined just a few short months ago. On the one hand, social distancing is not a whole lot different from any other day in … Continue reading A Birthday in a Weird Time

Question: Is Cora the cutest baby ever?

Is Cora the cutest baby ever? I am sure you are rolling your eyes and thinking that I am affected by grandparent myopia. However, I made that bold statement in my last post so now I feel I must back it up. The photo evidence may be enough, but indulge me as I prove my … Continue reading Question: Is Cora the cutest baby ever?


If you had attended our wedding in 1979, you may have concluded it was a low-budget affair. My bridesmaids paid $6 each for the sundresses they wore. Avoiding the traditional wedding march, we played Handel’s water music on a 8-track tape, recorded from an LP we borrowed from the library. I picked my bouquet from … Continue reading Forty