The Tao of T shirts

I could say a lot about Lo’s wardrobe. As the first female grandchild on both sides of her family, she is guaranteed both quantity and quality. And, while I do occasionally worry that we can place too much emphasis on how little girls look, I acknowledge that because drool, spit up, and other famed “blowouts” happen, quantity is indeed important. I do love her hats and headbands, her row of dresses and even her coordinated bibs, but I am obsessed with her collection of witty onesies.

The simplicity and comfort of these all-in-one outfits are obvious, but I have also discovered that these pint-sized tee shirts deliver important messages and the hosting baby plays an important role in spreading the word. Here is a sample of the messages that Lo is emphasizing lately.

This is a reminder that cat’s-eye glasses are acceptable attire at MIT. And there is nothing nerdier than pen and pencil. Perhaps some computer components or an equation or two might have gotten the point across as well. But, indeed, the message is clear: girls, it is okay to be smart.


It’s okay to be smart!

Babies need career advice, of course. Has your infant considered a job in healthcare?


Lest we pressure babies too soon into a particular direction, or otherwise cramp their personal style, here is a good reminder.


Keeping it real.

A well-rounded baby devotes part of her day to keeping fit. Lo (this is true) attends a barre class with her Mom.



The beauty of the onesie is that it can convey multiple messages. Here, we are reminded of the importance of manners AND the importance of eating our vegetables.


In this example, the baby can consider both the historical significance of tie-dye in the 1960’s and the current inspirational meaning of rainbows. And not have to decide what color to wear.


Lo says “I love the Grateful Dead.”


This last one says it all. TGIF – Thank Goodness I’m Flawless. I know that Little Lo is indeed without flaw and the same could be said for all the babies. Flaws don’t develop until much later in life.


Flawless. That’s all.

The Tao of T-shirts

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