Holiday Fashion

Anyone who has seen Lo knows that she dresses for success.  Remember her onesie fetish? (

Lo continues to expand her interest in fashion. Her accessories are on point, and although she cannot walk or even stand, her shoes can make the outfit.  She has been recently wowing the paparazzi with her holiday looks.  Because of her active social life, she needs a variety of looks that balance comfort and glamour.  Here are a few of her faves:


This comfy and stretchy neutral one-piece is perfect for cookie-swaps and gift-wrapping. Add a jaunty hat!



When meeting celebrities, nothing but a classic taffeta plaid dress will do. Velvet maryjanes complete the look.


Babies who decorate trees get into the spirit with coordinated loungewear. Even the horizontal stripes cannot diminish the allure of this body-hugging ensemble.


Errands to run but still want to look festive? Pair a snowman onesie and a crocheted hat!


Cozy and cute in her reindeer jammies, Lo wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!


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