Good Hands

The joys of being a grandparent get lots of attention. Those fortunate to be in this not-so-secret society get it. My induction was the inspiration for this blog: Lives up to the Hype.

One could say that having a grandchild is one’s reward for having been a parent. What it less heralded, but no less satisfying, is the reward of seeing your child as a parent. Can a child who could not pick up his laundry or rinse a dish lest it interfered with his full time hobbies of basketball and video games be entrusted with a 7-lb creature with endless, and often unfathomable, needs?


I have needs!

The answer is unequivocally yes. There is great surprise, relief and, yes, pride in recognizing that my own haphazard parenting techniques (Too permissive? Too distracted? Too lazy?) have somehow contributed to this exemplary father. I am impressed that my son is still demonstrating the “good hands” developed while dribbling and navigating Grand Theft Auto (one-handed diaper changing while the other hand restraints 4 limbs), but am astonished by the everyday moments of love and affection I am able to witness. Lo is indeed in good hands.

Lo, her Dad, and her Nana study the Christmas tree


Bonus: If you are interested in reading about being a grandparent or being a grandchild, I recommend The Grandparent Effect which is a collection of stories and news that reinforces what grandparents mean to society.


And a bonus picture.

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