What is forgotten is also remembered

The muscle memory of taking care of babies thankfully returns when you are blessed with a grandchild. Whether it is the gentle scraping of her chin with the baby spoon in order to push the overflow blob of puréed spinach back in the mouth or the instant of relief when her face reappears after popping … Continue reading What is forgotten is also remembered

Mount Washington, Indoors

In our quest to not let winter trap us in the house, last week my husband and I ventured out to visit the Currier Art Museum. We had been to this small museum numerous times, but not recently. The special exhibition (which ended 1/16) was on Mount Washington. But before we headed to the gallery, … Continue reading Mount Washington, Indoors

The Retiree’s Guide to Surviving the Winter

I would never malign my good fortune in being retired. And winter indeed has its blessings. Not the least if which is the extended holiday season with activities ranging from crashing my former department’s cookie swap to decorating my mother's tree. Our season culminated delightfully with a New Years Eve family reunion in Vermont: 20 … Continue reading The Retiree’s Guide to Surviving the Winter