Happy Birthday, Lo

Lo and Behold: Lo is a year old. It seems fitting on this occasion to enumerate a few of her many fine qualities. Thus, here are the the Top Ten Things About Lo at One Year.
1. As from birth, she remains a style icon. She remains comfortable in any style but her current vibe is 1960’s Mad Men.

Striking a pose

2. She has a hobby. She collects and, on a daily basis reviews, the greeting cards her family has received. She studies the artwork on the front, briefly reviews the inside message and then flips them over to check the price point.

Everyone needs a hobby

3. She mocks us. If you cough or even clear your throat, Lo responds with a fake cough. If you laugh, she responds with a fake laugh.

4. She loves Sesame Street. I love it too, but the best part is that she will sit on your lap and hold her hands like this:

5. She is unfailingly social. She loves everyone and greets every stranger with a smile and a wave. If she doesn’t get a response, she advances to a two-handed wave.

6. Of all the animal sounds that babies are drilled on (“What does the doggie say?” “What does the cow say?”), Lo has chosen to perfect bear sounds and snake sounds.
However, she does love dogs.

7. Lo can now point. A keen observer, she is forever pointing out interesting things, sometimes many in rapid succession.

8. A child after my own heart, she is very interested in food. You cannot eat in her presence lest she starts mock chewing followed by screeching and arm waving.

9.  She loves music.  I thought I was doing a good deed playing classical with a side of Raffi,  but you should see her wag her head and shake her booty to some hop-hop.

10. When she wakes up and even if you wake her up, Lo smiles broadly and rewards you with a prolonged hug.

It’s been a good year for Nana

Happy Birthday, Lo. You are the best.


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