And then there were two

Readers may note that the tag line for this blog has changed. “Things I Think about– mostly Logan” was never particularly accurate, because over the past two plus years, my thoughts have wandered afar:

Batting Average

Where Sadness and Beauty can Coexist

Advice for Raisins



But the purpose of these occasional ruminations remains today as it was when I started: to produce a record of Lo’s life so that she may access what she can’t remember and, as a by product, to learn about her family and the world as filtered via my lens.

She is here!

Well, a big part of Lo’s life is now, and ever will be, her new sister, Cora. Arriving on December 13, 2018, with much anticipation, wee Cora has already changed the lives of all of us. Speaking personally, I had heard that one’s heart expands with each grandchild. I wondered how this could be possible since I love my Lo with my entire being. For over 2 ½ years, our bond has grown and grown as she has evolved into her funny, confident, inquisitive self and I have followed, feet first, into my favorite job ever as Nana.

So, how could poor Cora compete with that? Could a repeat experience ever be as good as the first?

And then she appeared. I first held her at the ripe old age of 2 hours, and the pundits were correct. Indeed, I felt a chamber open in my heart. And then I witnessed Lo’s reactions to and interactions with Cora and realized the additional richness of watching the bond that they will develop. Clearly, these early days are full of cuteness “I hold baby wight now pweeease?” And risk: “I open her eyes?” And confessions “I poke her.” I have siblings. Three good ones. But, I cannot remember how I met them or how our relationships evolved over childhood. And, as I have previously noted about rearing my own children, I regret all that I have forgotten about their childhoods. Then Cora showed up and gave me a front row seat.

Could I be any luckier?

So, my dear little Cora – welcome to the world and welcome to the blog. Today you may merely present as a sweet-smelling, warm, soft kitten, complete with purrs. But, I can feel, with my newly expanded heart, that you are just perfect now and will remain so forever. And, I have no doubt that your sisterhood with the fabulous Lo will be an enduring blessing in both your lives, as well as in mine.

I think they are off to a good start


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