The Little Stranger

I am feeling less bad about forgetting my children’s infancies. Lo was born less than 3 years ago, and it appears I have forgotten hers as well. This may speak to forgetfulness , but I am contributing it to the arrival of the Little Stranger, whose infancy is now superseding all prior undertakings. Cora is barely a month old. So tiny, so delicate, so mysterious. Who is she? Who will she resemble? What kind of personality will she have?

Having studied Lo for her entire life, I KNOW her. She is a surprising child, but I am no longer surprised by her. She is self-confident, physical and bold. And she loves people hard. It was not surprising that she looooves preschool. She has fallen hard for her teacher and by day 3 was having a meltdown, clinging to the teacher, because she didn’t want to go home. And when visitors come to house, she is so excited she squeals and jumps and systematically presents all her toys. She hugs more than any toddler I’ve ever known. She knows me and we have bonded over our special routines. I know her and love her hard.

Someone who loves school

And Cora? Who are you? You open your eyes more now and stare at me with a quizzical face. You don’t know me – so we have to figure each other out.

Cora is unsure about this Nana-person

You love Lo and will track to the sound of her voice and almost smile when Lo enters your orbit for hugs. You are a steady, constant eater. I am optimistic about this – maybe you will be my foodie pal. You have a very strong spine and will propel yourself from my lap or arms if I am not careful. Maybe an athlete? Will your hair be hair dark, like your parents? Will you grow tall, like your sister? Will you be funny? Serious? Have a passion for the Cars franchise? Might you be shy and bookish?

Cora has already made up her mind about Lo

I don’t know you, Cora. But I will. And I can tell you that, already, I love you hard.

Hard not to love this face

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