Yes, my literary inspiration is 3 years old. And a fast 3 years it has been. This past year was a year of mastery of nascent skills and development of new skills and yet, Lo has remained essentially herself. Everything she does is with enthusiasm; she is energetic, sociable, funny and loving. In honor of her birthday, as is customary, (Two, Happy Birthday, Lo) I have cataloged

The Top Ten of Lo at 3

1. She has mastered language. She can convey a thought “I wike to hug you, Nana, because you feel so old”, talk about the past “I’m not sad in Papa’s car anymore” and envision the future “I’ll go to your house and have a big hike and play with Pom-poms.”

2. She is eager to learn. Show her something once and she’s got it. Her Aunt Sassy taught her to yell “Kobe!” when she sinks a basket.

3. She has a great attention span for tiring games. Hall-running, bed wrestling, jumping and dance-party.

4. Her influences now come from beyond her house. She goes to preschool and has become obsessed with princesses, long hair (still not a reality for her) and mermaids. Also, tattoos, preferably of mermaids.

A princess eats waffles wearing a gown, a crown and one glove.

5. In her imaginative play, she uses a high-pitched voice for all characters: dogs, people, mermaids.

6. She ADORES baby Cora. She tells us about “Cora, my baby sister. I a big sister. She get bigger” every time we see her. She wants to hug her, kiss her, hold her and wake her up.

Proud to be the big sister

7. She runs the house. She can fetch her own snack, in her preferred vessel. She gets ice from the freezer if she gets a boo-boo (and will examine you for your boo-boos). She selects her own outfits which nowadays often include “a pretty dress.”

8. Despite the obsession with princesses, she loves all athletic endeavors. She loves her swimming class, can outrun grownups, kick a soccer ball, throw hard and shoot hoops (“Kobe!”)

9. She designed her all treat birthday party menu on her own: pizza, cake and cupcakes.

10. The best for last – she is unfailingly loving, without prejudice or limit. She loves Dave the mailman. She loves all her relatives and talks about them all the time. She kisses and hugs throughout the day. And thankfully, since I feel so old, I think I get an extra dose.

Lo, you are adorable, smart, funny and strong. You are everything anyone would want in a preschooler. Or in anyone, actually. Happy Birthday! I could not love you more and can’t wait to share the next year.

Happy Birthday to the amazing Lo!

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