Happy Birthday, Cora!

Yes, the year has flown by. Our little Cora turned one! Here are 10 amazing things about this happy, little creature.

1. She is happy. Despite my early reservations about her, she has evolved into the happiest, smiliest little person.

Happy to wear teddy bear ears…

2. She passionately loves stuffed animals. You can pull any random stuffie out of the toy box and she dives in for a full body hug. Every time.

Happy to kiss a bunny…

3. She is small and squishy. Lo was always a long and lean baby. Consequently, Cora is more fun to squeeze.

4. She’s got rhythm. Whether it’s my off-key singing or live music or a recording, Cora’s got moves.

5. She is the easiest baby. Maybe it’s a second child thing, but on the rare occasion when Cora isn’t t happy, she is either hungry or tired. Feed her, and she is happy again. Put her to bed and she falls right to sleep. Easy.

6. Speaking of food, she is an enthusiastic eater. Despite starting life with a host of allergies (some already outgrown), she wholeheartedly approaches the dining experience. And will eat all the crumbs off the floor later.

Happy to eat…

7. Cora is that charming age where she cannot speak, but she understands everything. Thus, she can follow commands – blow kisses, where’s your head, where’s your belly, wave bye-bye. (Bonus trick, she loves to wear a hat)

Happy to wear a hat…

8. Cora is a speed-crawler, walks along furniture and stands alone. But her signature move, used in times of extreme enthusiasm is to kneel, bounce on her bottom and flap both arms. She can even travel by this means. I’ve never seen another baby do this and it is just precious.

9. She adores her big sister. Cora speed-crawls to follow Lo around. She wants to be where Lo is, do what Lo does. She is oblivious to Lo’s occasional disregard for her or even her pushing her away. Regardless, Cora approaches Lo as she approaches stuffed animals – full on hugs.

Very happy when her sister joins her in the playpen…

10. The best thing about Cora? Having this charming little dumpling in our lives.


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