Question: Is Cora the cutest baby ever?

Is Cora the cutest baby ever? I am sure you are rolling your eyes and thinking that I am affected by grandparent myopia.

However, I made that bold statement in my last post so now I feel I must back it up. The photo evidence may be enough, but indulge me as I prove my point.

1. It must be true, because I am currently suffering from a nasty cold that Cora passed on to me by coughing on me, wiping her nose on my clothes and sticking her gooey fingers in my mouth and eyes. And this hasn’t affected my judgement on her charm.

2. Because she is short and runs like a sumo wrestler. And wears hats.


3. She is trained like a seal to respond. If you walk into the room, she will wave. If you exit, she will wave. If you say the word “belly” in conversation, not even asking the popular question “where’s your belly?,” she will pat her belly. Same goes for other body parts.

4. In a related note, so much effort went into “teaching” Lo to do things and know things. Not so much with Cora, but she somehow knows everything anyhow.

5. She is so snuggly. Present her with anything soft – pillow, blanket, stuffed animal and she lay on top of it. She will also still crawl on your lap and lay her head on your chest. Especially when she has a cold (see #1)

Little bear

6. Her teeth! She sprouted teeth late and in an unusual pattern, so her big smiles have a bit of a vampire or Jack-o-lantern vibe. She smiles a lot.


7. She is 14 months old but is fully prepared to do whatever the almost 4 year old is doing. For example, she likes to wear a necklace. She is fascinated with the toilet. She has observed Lo playing “nursery” and “doctors appointment” with dolls and now is fully competent to take care of babies and/or pets.

Cora is studying to be a veterinarian.

8. She makes some good faces.

This face.

So, fair readers, tell me – is it my imagination or is Cora adorable?


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