Today, Lo joins the ranks of people celebrating their birthdays in quarantine. As a very social child with an instinct for party planning, it has been difficult for her to understand why she can’t have a party or see her friends. It about broke my heart to hear her explain “Nana, after the sick is gone, we can have big party.”

Up until the pandemic, in her four years on earth, we had not gone more than 2 weeks without seeing Lo – another heart-breaker especially when you add in Cora who chose this respite to move from snuggly baby to a whirling dervish. Luckily, we are making due with daily video chats (sometimes multiple per day.)

Sad as these times are, a fourth birthday is still a momentous occasion, and dearest Logan, if you are reading this some day, here are some of ways you were wonderful on April 30, 2020.

Child of my heart

1. You love scary things. You are proud of your own bad dreams and want to hear about others’. “Papa, did you have any bad dreams last night?” You like the scary parts of Disney movies, even Ursula. Alligators are a particular favorite fear.

2. You like to fight. And by that I mean that you have formed a Fight Club with your Daddy. You can recite the Fight Club rules: no biting, no hair pulling, no pinching, etc

3. You have your own fashion sense and will not forced into anyone else’s aesthetic. Tiaras, yes. Ponytails, no. (“Not until I am six.)

Not everyone can pull off this outfit

4. Your big sister game is strong. Although you will admit that “Cora is naughty,” you remain calm and understanding and often include her in your games.


5. Your enthusiasm for, well, everything, is unsurpassed. I wish I had recorded your recounting of your recent illness. No one was ever so excited to have had a headache and “sore feet” and vomit in her bed, on her pajamas and in her hair. Or to be able to rest in the guest room watching Barbie on TV. We should all take a lesson from Lo to enjoy whatever the day brings.

6. I love the fact that you have named the wild rabbits and their offspring that live in your yard. And you can tell them apart.

7. Lo, you are still so tall! I can’t help but feel this will serve you well in life. We will always need someone to reach the top shelf. Your athletic future is promising, although we understand that you hate soccer and love ballet.

8. You are socially adept. I was charmed on our Easter video chat when you politely asked “Nana, how many eggs did you find?” You love any outing or opportunity to be with people. Understandably, you had a meltdown when denied participation in wedding dress shopping with Aunt Sassy. Cannot blame you as it combined being in public, meeting new people and evaluating gowns – several of your hobbies.

9. You have a new obsession with “guessing game.” Other grandparents enrich their grandchildren by reading classic children’s literature aloud. Our alternative is to have you guess what we are thinking from a limited number of categories while we offer hints. We have covered animals, colors, food items and princesses. I am in the market for new categories.

10. Until you, Lo, I did not realize what I was missing. I now have my dream job – being a grandmother – and there could not have been a more delightful, funny, bold and wise child to lead the way.


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