Fashion for Interesting Times

The change of seasons is always a difficult time for fashion.  In the last couple of weeks, temperatures have fluctuated wildly.  Is it too  hot? Is it too cold?   I, for one, rarely get out of  old, stretchy clothes and my only sartorial efforts are finding matching masks and fitbit bands for my “outfits.”

Luckily, to help us all with the challenge of seasonal dressing in a pandemic, I reached out to two talented fashion influencers who are ready to provide the tips we need in these interesting time.

(More fashion content is available here, here, and here.)

One decision we all struggle with is what level of formality a given event or activity requires. For example, I often ask myself: is this worth putting on make-up for? (The answer is no.) However, our fashion role models suggest “you do you.” For this occasion of playing with dolls and blocks, Cora chose camouflage and Lo settled on Cinderella.

You do you.

The weather is still nice and we all know the joys of removing our masks to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Cora has her own sense of style that easily pairs animal prints and a wide brimmed hat. This look could take one to the nightclubs or the Kentucky derby.

Or the sandbox.

Lo goes all in on the trend of mixing patterns. More is more!

Be brave in your fashion choices.

What, you ask, is the best outfit for pretending to be napping puppies? Lo and Cora are ready for this (and any) occasion with matching pink Halloween cat fit-and-flare dessses

These “puppies” know how to grab the paparazzi’s attention.

In the era of Covid, we have all asked ourselves: Is it appropriate to leave the house on pajamas? The girls give a thumbs up! Stripes or fruity prints are particularly good choices for an after dinner stroll through the neighborhood.

Cora suggest you add a matching hat. And a couple of snacks.

Many of us are feeling a little sadness about never being able to dress up. After all, we spent time and money building up a work wardrobe and a social event wardrobe. What’s a girl to do? Lo, ever bold, suggests we go for it. Why not elevate the work-from-home look? Here, she shows us how it is done.

Comfortable and colorful for those Zoom meetings.

On top of everything else, in New England we are experiencing a drought. Cora reminds us that the rain will come. Be ready, but don’t skimp on style. With classic rain boots and a unique slicker – bring on the floods!

Splish splash, Cora!

We have all experienced pandemic baking (and eating.). Lo reminds us that our standards need not drop. Baking a pie is certainly the right occasion to break out the matching hat and apron.

Can your 4-year-old bake a pie?

As you see, there are many options for meeting the dual challenge of the change of seasons and a global pandemic. When in doubt, Cora would suggest these 3 rules:

1. Keep it simple.

2. Keep it comfortable.

3. Add a hat.

Cora demonstrates the 3 rules of pandemic dressing.
Bonus sister shot encompassing the essentials of Autumn pandemic dressing: plaid, mask, animal print shoes.

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