Feral child Turns Two!

Here sits the cure for pandemic blues. (Ice cream helps too.)

In this year of sadness, worry and isolation, Cora is the antidote we all need. She is perfectly oblivious to what is happening in the larger world at and is perfectly happy and carefree. She is two years old day, balanced beautifully on the last step of babyhood. (Though Lo has informed me that “Cor” is not a baby anymore.)

Although we have had very little in person time with her, through our occasional in-person interactions, daily video calls and parental reports, here at ten greats things about newly minted two-year old Cora:

Favorite activity and favorite outfit
Best friends forever
  1. December birthdays are no fun and can get lost among the more elaborate holidays. And the 13th is perhaps not the most auspicious date. But, Cora shares a birthday with Taylor Swift and I can already see her growing musical talent or at least her appreciation for a danceable beat.
  2. Cora is indeed a free spirit/wild thing. In any case, her enthusiasm for well, everything, cannot be harnessed. The best we can do is prevent any mortal harm.
  3. She is all about physical prowess. You have to watch her closely as she will climb atop furniture and jump off. Her derring-do has led to her banishment from the couch.
  4. She doesn’t talk much but she knows what she wants and gets her point across. She understands everything, follows instructions and actually has said many words. But once she gets the desired reaction for debuting a new word, she refuses to repeat it.
  5. Cora finds clothing to be too restrictive. She undresses all dolls and herself. Her parents have had to institute backward-facing sleepwear after experiencing the effects of a naked toddler alone in her crib.
  6. She will do anything for a laugh. We all went crazy when she introduced her monster interpretation during Halloween – and, even now, if you say the word “monster,” she will pull out all the stops. And she is pretty sure we all want her to show us her belly on a regular basis (we do.)
  7. Like her older sister, she is very loving and cuddly. She kisses the phone during video chats. In person, she holds tight to your legs. I dream of the future when she can climb on my lap.
  8. Her adoration of Lo is charming. She follows her around, gamely participates in all adventures even with relegated to the most minor roles, and sobs when Lo is dropped off at preschool.
  9. Cora’s love of animals remains strong. Her favorite part of video chats is a sighting of Aunt Sally’s dog. She likes to bring out various stuffed animals for our appreciation. And she likes to pretend she is a dog, including lapping up the bath water.
  10. That girl can dance. While her sister leans towards ballet, Cora can get low and shake it.
This charmer is ready for anything

Bonus: Folks are starting to say that she looks like me! Thus, I will try to be more like her and emulate her warm, loving, extravagant personality. But I will keep my clothes on.

Say hello to my mini-me

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