A handful of years

The OG grandchild is turning five! You all know these years have flown by, even this last one, as slow and trying as it has been. In any case, through five whole years, tying or not, watching this amazing girl evolve into the person she is has been five years of delight. As is my annual custom, here are ten facts about the amazing Lo.

1. She is cerebral. Lo wants to know everything. If you use an unfamiliar word, she needs to know what it means (and will practice saying it). She wants to figure things out on her own. Recently when her Dad asked a challenging addition problem, she figured out how to figure it out by counting out two piles of refrigerator alphabet magnets and then counting them together. Genius!

2. Creative – Lo loves a good craft or art project. She has mastered paint and scissors. Her painted Easter eggs were professional quality. Even polishing her tiny nails is an exercise in creativity for her as she selects a different color, design and/or mini sticker for each.

An original piece. Also my favorite birthday gift.

3. Excellent Big Sister – Little sister Cora can be a challenge: she is a wrecking ball to any toyscape or project, she doesn’t follow instructions and has the normal 2-year old attention span. Yet, Lo is unfailingly kind to her. She includes Cora in her imaginary games even if the plot lines are way over her head. She can interpret Cora’s personal language when we struggle to understand her. She knows how to soothe her. Watching the two of them snuggle is really all you need to restore your faith in the world.

Lo teaches Cora what it is like to go to school

4. Future Thespian – you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Lo’s dramatic reading of the Chicka-Boom Alphabet book. Or her interpretation of the Nutcracker ballet. Or her belting out of the Frozen playlist. What does Lo want to be when she grows up? Movie Star.

5. Soccer Player – Lo is tall, fast and coordinated. Thus, even as her interests have skewed towards drama and princesses, we all maintained athletic dreams for her. (Track? Basketball? Soccer?) While she appears to be uninterested in sports, in fact sitting out two seasons of soccer due to an unfortunate shirt color, Lo has begun to show her skills. She may only be in it for the post-game donut ritual, but that girl has skills.

6. Fashion Forward – perhaps influenced by her stylish parents, Lo has a style of her own. She picks out her own outfits, excels are pattern mixing and has an instinctive sense for the proper number of accessories (unlike Cora, who wears all the jewelry, all of the time) and can certainly rock a tiara.

Two great outfits

7. Stubborn – This is not necessarily a negative quality as it shows determination and passion. But, if Lo is opposed to something, for example, ending the game after dozens of rounds (case in point: “Blast Off” which involves a strong adult throwing her repeatedly towards the ceiling) good luck to the person who tries to change her mind. But, if Lo sets her mind to do something, she will get it done.

8. Kind – Lo is a good friend. She creates gifts for people’s birthdays. She is generous with compliments. “I like your mask, Nana.” “I like your nail polish, Sally.” She is proud of Cora’s accomplishments and loves to report her new words.

9. Varied Interests – This renaissance preschooler has a wide variety of interests. Despite the risk of a nightmare, she loves scary (“not too scary”) stories. I am frequently implored (and re-implored – see “stubborn” above) to make up stories that include at least one of the following: monsters, children lost in the forest, large spiders, ghosts a mermaid heroine. She is a film buff. Mary Poppins is a recent favorite as is the Rocky Horror Picture Show (and she does a mean Time Warp). She enjoy yoga. She likes nature in general, and butterflies in particular. She loves lollipops.

10. Loving and Lovable – Is five the perfect age? Old enough to be wise, intentionally funny and opinionated, yet young enough to be innocent and excited by most everything? Big enough to dress oneself and help cook, but small enough to sit on your lap? I had no idea what I was getting into five years ago, but life with Lo is unimaginably better than I ever imagined.

Happy Birthday, darling child of my heart!


One thought on “A handful of years

  1. She is the sweetest and best big sister! You nailed her! So lucky to have such a wonderful, loving grand-daughter. ❤ Great job Nana!


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