How is this possible? Our original granddaughter is SIX! What a year she has had! What an accomplished, kind and wise little person she is becoming. As is customary, I like to document 10 traits that represent our Lo. This year’s post is informed by a recent day Lo spent at our house and where I was able to witness her proclivities. She was using up her much coveted Christmas gift of a “Day Pass” to Nana and Papa’s house. She was hesitant to use The Pass as she would no longer be able to look forward to it or to sleep with the The Pass under her pillow.

As is customary, I like to document 10 traits that represent our Lo.

1. She is brave and here is very specific example: Last fall, at 5 1/2 years old, she started all-day kindergarten. She was proud to get on the bus and sit among strangers of all ages on that big bus. In her first week, while the bus routine and driver pool was not fully in place, the substitute driver neglected to stop at Lo’s house. Lo was the only child left on the bus and the driver continued on to the highway! Lo calmly got up from her seat, informed him he missed her house AND talked him through the proper route back to house!

A brave bus rider

2. Lo is a friend to all. She makes friends at school, at the park, at her extracurriculars. She will strike a conversation with anyone and is especially keen to ask strangers for permission to pet their dogs. Her introverted Nana is amazed by this quality.

3. She is artistic. She loves art and art supplies. On her Day here, we passed some pleasant hours painting rocks and seashells.


4. No one understands her little sister Cora as well as Lo. And Lo is a loving and patient and strives to include her. She convinced me that Cora needs her own Day Pass, perhaps to be spent in conjunction with Lo and perhaps it should also entail a sleepover.

A sleepover with these two wouldn’t be all bad

5. Lo remains committed to her personal style. She likes a feminine silhouette complete with a bow in her hair.

Not everyone can pull off the bow-at-the-beach look

6. What a talker! On the recent car trip from her house to ours, she talked NONSTOP for 45 minutes.

Talking in the car, both to me and her collection of stuffies

7. Lo, perhaps like all new 6 year olds has limitless enthusiasm and finds joy in things we mere adults may take for granted. Her Day Pass day included a small series of errands to some local hot spots: Wendy’s where she waxed rhapsodic about the quality of the Frosty; our fine local plant store where she selected a beautiful plant and pot “in jewel tones” and our old-fashioned candy store where she pretty much lost her mind.

YES, this is really happening

8. She has really taken to school. She dislikes snowdays, weekends and vacations as they do not include school. Beyond mastering the bus and making friends with all, she can write, she is starting to read and she loves to be quizzed on math problems. Her favorite subject is Art.

9. Despite her outward appearance as a girly-girl, she does not shy away from athletic pursuits. With her natural height and enthusiasm, she enjoys soccer, tennis, cross-fit, swimming and, yes, dance.

Peak performance

10. You could not ask for a better little buddy than Lo. She has enriched all our lives and exemplifies the truth in the aphorism that “grandchildren are the only thing in life that is not over-rated.” Logan, you are the child of my heart and I,too, am looking forward to that next Day Pass

Dream child


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Logan! Your spirit and your outgoing nature always amazes me. You tug at everyone’s heart. But then again, all grandchildren do.

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