Cora is Four

Our little spark plug of a granddaughter is four! It never fails to amaze me how she has essentially the same personality she had as a baby, but bigger and bolder. Here are 10 ways she is terrific.

1. I have never met a more independent child (or adult for that matter). She figures out how do it herself. And definitely does not want your help. You don’t really need to feed her as she will fetch her own meals when she is hungry.

2. Despite her aggressive independence, she also remains a delightful snuggler. She is a big fan of stuffed animals and blankets and I am very grateful that she still wants to sit in my lap.

Dressed for the occasion off taking the giraffe for an indoor walk

3. Cora idolizes her big sister. She talks about her all the time. She participates fully in Lo’s role-play, most frequently as a puppy, kitten or baby. She also likes to get into Lo’s belongings (and her bed) when she is not home.

Best buds

4. She is a crazy dancer. Dance lessons aside, her best work is her freestyle moves during her post-bath naked dance-off.

5. Not just a lover of stuffed animals, Cora is also a fan of real ones. She loves them all – the neighborhood dogs, squirrels and coyotes (!) but in particular, she loves Gertie (Aunt Sassy and Uncle Robbie’s dog.)

A girl and her pup

6. She is undeniably cute.

Happy Birthday!

7. 90% happy, 10% angry. Not a bad ratio.

8. Despite her tendency to be impervious to rules, she is always quoting Mommy’s rules. “Mommy says don’t climb the shelf” “Mommy says flush the toilet”

Rules are meant to be broken

9. Unlike most small children, she has no use for a bedtime story. She would prefer you just lie quietly next to her while she drifts off. However, I discovered that she has somehow memorized the words to Goodnight moon.

10. When in her car seat, she quietly sings to herself.

If you are interested in a life of love and laughter with a small serving of naughty, I highly recommend you get yourself a Cora. Just don’t take mine – I’m keeping her.


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