Another Day in the Life

We have been at our babysitting job for over three years so it seems like a good time to provide and update on the working conditions. Yesterday was a pretty good sample of what a day with Lo and Cora now entails. It should be noted that their house in under construction (or at Lo … Continue reading Another Day in the Life

In Defense of Simple and Boring

I am over four years into retirement, and I am amazed by how my life and, even more profoundly, my outlook has evolved. The outside observer, and perhaps my old self, might consider my life to be too simple or boring or that I am now lacking in drive, vision and purpose. All of which … Continue reading In Defense of Simple and Boring

And then there were two

Readers may note that the tag line for this blog has changed. “Things I Think about– mostly Logan” was never particularly accurate, because over the past two plus years, my thoughts have wandered afar: Batting Average Where Sadness and Beauty can Coexist Advice for Raisins Collectibles Kathy But the purpose of these occasional ruminations remains … Continue reading And then there were two