Fashion for Interesting Times

The change of seasons is always a difficult time for fashion.  In the last couple of weeks, temperatures have fluctuated wildly.  Is it too  hot? Is it too cold?   I, for one, rarely get out of  old, stretchy clothes and my only sartorial efforts are finding matching masks and fitbit bands for my “outfits.” Luckily, … Continue reading Fashion for Interesting Times

Transitional Wardrobe

New Englanders know how erratically Spring arrives. In my opinion, the most difficult aspect is deciding what to wear. Luckily, we have a style icon who can point the way. Having just returned from a jaunt to Florida to face a Nor’easter, Lo knows how to rock everything from resort wear to winter woolens. A … Continue reading Transitional Wardrobe

Holiday Fashion

Anyone who has seen Lo knows that she dresses for success.  Remember her onesie fetish? ( Lo continues to expand her interest in fashion. Her accessories are on point, and although she cannot walk or even stand, her shoes can make the outfit.  She has been recently wowing the paparazzi with her holiday looks.  Because … Continue reading Holiday Fashion