Things I Think, 2020 Edtion

In recognition of a new year/decade and in compliance with the subtitle of the Lo and Behold blog “Things I think”, I offer this window into what I have thinking about. Albeit not as crazed as this, I do have a rotation of obsessive thoughts to guide me through sleepless nights, throughout the day and … Continue reading Things I Think, 2020 Edtion

Happy Birthday, Cora!

Yes, the year has flown by. Our little Cora turned one! Here are 10 amazing things about this happy, little creature. 1. She is happy. Despite my early reservations about her, she has evolved into the happiest, smiliest little person. 2. She passionately loves stuffed animals. You can pull any random stuffie out of the … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Cora!


If you had attended our wedding in 1979, you may have concluded it was a low-budget affair. My bridesmaids paid $6 each for the sundresses they wore. Avoiding the traditional wedding march, we played Handel’s water music on a 8-track tape, recorded from an LP we borrowed from the library. I picked my bouquet from … Continue reading Forty