My mother and her husband have moved to a nursing home. His failing health and her increasing dementia had made their home situation untenable. I can acknowledge that the last several years have been just short of hell. Now, they are content and are getting better care than was possible at home. Nonetheless, my sadness … Continue reading Stuff

What’s in a Name?

Lo’s vocabulary is growing daily and each day says something cute and funny. My daughter-in-law already laments that she will not remember all Lo's gems and wishes that she had written them down. I accept this responsibility and agree that Lo’s growing vocabulary is certainly worth remembering. She adds new words daily and can now … Continue reading What’s in a Name?


This is the story of Joan, also know as Hannie. Joan was my husband’s mother. I never met her and there are few people alive who remember her. She is one of Lo’s great grandmothers and, for that reason among many, deserves to be remembered. Unlike Lo’s great-great grandmother Dorothy who I remember vividly, I … Continue reading Joan