Happy Trails

You know I am trying to walk more. B and I love a good nature walk but last year, on account of a stress fracture on account of my brief, but successful (ran 5K without stopping), running career, I was unable to take one single hike. Lucky for me, and all other locals, Concord has 31 trails in the city limits. Today, we explored #10 – the Sewalls Falls Park Trail.

It was just right.  An overcast morning with cool temps meant we could forgo both sunscreen and bug spray, and the mostly flat terrain allowed us to save our energy for appreciating the rush of the river, the bird symphony and the scent of wild honeysuckle. (Or at least that’s what I think it was). There is no better respite, however temporary, from one’s nagging concerns. You can feel your rightful place in history. The old dam was built in 1894. The land was first surveyed in 1657. The river is prehistoric. My worries and even my joys are a speck on this timeline.

And certainly, our morning amble was a worthwhile joy. A fresh day, my best friend and some contemplation. A few other walkers and their companionable dogs provided friendly interruptions. I did step in an offering from one of those dogs, but at least I was wearing two of the same shoes.


My shoes match, but that’s the most that can be said for this outfit.



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