A Day in the Life

A motivating force for starting this blog was the arrival of Lo and my desire to record what she is doing and how I am feeling. I have already acknowledged that I remember too little of my own children’s’ childhoods. So, for the record, here is a recent typical day spent with Lo.

4:30 am – rise and shine, it is time to pack up our lunch and dinner, devices and reading materials for a day with Lo.

6:00 am – arrived. Our son hands over the baby monitor and we are on duty. A quiet hour with the newspaper, coffee. I prep a tasty breakfast for the girl.

7:00 am – I see that Lo is standing in her crib. Greeting her is the best -she is always surprised and delighted to see us. Today we got a special performance once I unzipped her sleep sack. She ran back and forth in the crib, stopping to jump up and down all the while speaking her secret language which incorporates elements of Russian and Mandarin. Diaper change #1.

7:30 – breakfast. Despite my care in providing a balanced and tasty selection, Lo is unimpressed. She quickly devolves into tossing handfuls on the floor and rubbing her sticky hands in her hair. We get dressed and discover another diaper change is in order.

My grandparents went to the Hamptons and all I got was this shirt

8:30 – while the day is still cool, we head out for a walk. Lo loves her stroller walks and is especially excited to discover some old cheerios in her seat. Yum.

9:00-11:30 – Playtime. Which includes running up and down the hall with wubbanubs. Reading 12 books, multiple times. A snack. A 30 minute Sesame Street respite. A lively 30 minutes in the mudroom spent putting every hat on Papa’s head, taking the umbrellas out of the stand and putting them back, stuffing blocks into her rain boots and checking in to see if touching the printer is still a no-no. Another diaper change.

12:00 – a successful lunch where every bite is accompanied by “mmmm.” I am great chef!


12:15 – 2:15 – naptime! We eat our lunch and we also nap.

2:30-5:00 – More of the same but with some extra rounds of reading the same books. She has terrible taste in reading – no plots and very little dialog. We have the exciting discovery that the street is being paved. Lo much enjoys watching 5 workers stand in the driveway, smoking and balancing brooms on their fingertips. She loves people. And trucks. We grant Lo a double-dose of Sesame Street and  now I have the “Letter of the Day” song stuck in my head, until it is replaced with “Murray Had a Little Lamb.”

Books with flaps. Fascinating.

5:15 – dinner time, during which I typically sing Snoopy’s Suppertime song from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Lo loves this. And I realize that in addition to being a great chef, I am a competent vocalist.

6:00 – Bathtime. Lo literally clapped when she realized she would be having a bath. She sucked on a washcloth for quite a while. She loves to have water dumped over her head. I got pretty wet myself.


7:00 – bottle, teeth-brushing (there’s a song for this too) and to bed.

7:30 – A glass of wine while reflecting on how a day with Lo, in which she learned a new word (“stuck”), never cried, gave generous hugs and took a long nap is a day well spent and worth recording.

A day well spent


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